Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cheap trick to make stockings last longer

We've all had it happen to us, you're going about your daily business when something catches your stockings and ping, you have a great tear in them. I used to be pedantic enough to carry a spare pair whenever I was wearing them, but I was told this quick and simple trick to help them last longer. Brilliant for your gorgeous expensive finds like silk stockings, fully fashioned styles or ritzy brands like Wolford. You just need three items, and your chosen stockings

Gather your supplies: Hairspray, a sealable freezer bag, a freezer and your stockings.

Spritz stockings lightly with hairspray.

Place stockings in sealable bag and squeeze excess air out, I found rolling really helped.

Freeze overnight.

Pull out of freezer 15 minute before wearing to allow them to warm back up.

Put them on and go!

You will have to repeat the process for every time you wash them, but the hairspray and freezing help make the fibres stronger against snags, and will even stop runs from being as bad as they would be otherwise. But I've found it a treat for helping to keep my pricier pairs in better nick for longer.

Have you tried this trick before? How did you find it worked for you?

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