Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Personal Style - Meow

Please don't be harsh, I haven't done many of these personal style posts before!

cute chic personal style kitten parisienne

Trousers and Scarf - Asos
Blouse - Temt
Shoes - Sportsgirl
Bracelet - Gift from my mother

leopard print shoes, navy trousers
The most comfy flats

pussybow kitten scarf cat kitty white blouse
Cute kitty print scarf tied in a pussybow style

I've always been petrified of posting pictures of myself on here for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being that I'm not a 'model' size. It's taking me a lot of courage to rise up against that, and show that it doesn't mean I have no style. There was something I posted a while ago, and someone's search along the lines of  "fat girl in see through blouse" brought up a photo of me, I was mortified. Also curious and creeped out.

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