Sunday, 10 February 2013

Incoming - Spliced and Contrasting Fashion

A lot of what fashion can say isn't purely what you see, textures can play a major role too. Mixing a black leather jacket with something light and feminine can completely alter the tough edge that your jacket can be screaming, while going for a material other then leather for said jacket can soften the effect too - so it's only whispering of how tough you are (lol!).
Spliced fashions are articles that have been created from two vastly different contrasting materials combined into one for maximum impact.Think a soft jersey t-shirt with capped leather sleeves or black leggings with a stripe of colour down the sides. Last season I spotted a few things like denim jackets with black leather sleeves but it looks like fashion may really walk this trend out for Autumn and Winter. Close to the colour blocking trend, the main difference is that splicing adds an entirely new fabric and not just a new colour to a piece of clothing.

The trend works perfectly with a sporty look, and blends in well with novelty but don't let that restrict you, almost any trend  you wear can feature this look without getting it wrong. Try some tailored trousers with this top from Sportsgirl with some chunky bangles or delicate necklaces. Or how about trading in your normal biker jacket for this hybrid anorak from Dotti? Think of them as items you can trade in for what you already wear and you'll be onto a winner!

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