Saturday, 26 January 2013

Customize your creations with Spoonflower

When I used to study Fashion at TAFE, one of my favourite parts of designing garments was choosing the fabric.  Different patterns, colours, textures, weave, and materials can drastically alter anything you have put on paper, and availability was another matter! If you wanted to be sure that a print existed, most of the time you had to design it for yourself, and find somewhere to quickly print it, and for a decent price!
Sadly for me back then, a wonderful website called Spoonflower hadn't been crated yet.

The basic concept is that site give you the ability to put any designs you might create and print them onto fabric, and not just quilting fabric either. Yes there is a large array of cottons and linens to print onto but there's also some gorgeous dress making fabrics too. You can order a swatch book to see what each fabric is like for $1.
They don't just sell designs on material either, you can also have them printed up on wallpaper. Imagine your own cute creation on the walls of your babies room? A feature wall created by you anywhere in your home.
The most awesome thing? You can sell your designs! Come up with something truly gorgeous, it doesn't have to be intricate, set up shop, enable your design to be sold and it's just that easy, your awesome creativity can earn you money. Of course if you want your designs to be available to just you, you can do that too. Best way I've ever know to have a one of a kind anything!

After discovering the site only this year it's already on high rotation. Because of its expansive array of indie designers you never know what you will find on any given day. Within seconds you can find something perfect, that speaks to you, that you simply have to have. With over half a million members, there's almost endless options!
Highly recommended for days when you have the chance to be sucked into another world. This is a hobby I won't be finishing anytime soon.

Go and check them out!

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