Sunday, 2 December 2012

Bought by Birdette has received a Liebster Award!

Woohoo! It's a very special post for Bought by Birdette as I have received the Liebster Award from the lovely Madam M of The Beauty Dispensary. For those who may not have heard of these awards before they are given out in the blogging community to up and coming bloggers with less then 200 followers, (so please get cracking and follow me if you haven't already!) Liebster is also German for Dearest, nawww.
So here is how it works:

a. Each nominee must post 11 things about themselves.
b. Answer the 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated them.
c. Create 11 questions for the 11 bloggers you nonimate.
d. Choose 11 bloggers to give the award to, link to this post and go to their pages to tell them.
e. No tagbacks allowed.

So here goes!

11 things about Birdette
  1. Just quietly, I'm kinda nerdy. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, I love Final Fantasy video games, and my favourite is number IX.
  2. Born and bred in Country Victoria in an awfully bogan place called Bendigo, I escaped (without children, a rarity for a teenager!) up to Brisbane when I turned 18 and haven't looked back.
  3. I have never travelled outside of Australia, I don't even own a passport!
  4. On that note, I don't have a driver's license either, and my L plates have actually expired. Oops.
  5. Fancies herself as a pretty good cook, I've kept up a new years resolution of cooking something new at least once a week all year, and it's proving to be quite a lot of fun and effective.
  6. Is a mad keen crafter, I love to keep my hands busy, but I have a real problem with starting projects and never finishing them!.
  7. Loves hats, owns many but I hardly ever wear them. Hoping to change that.
  8. I am of Yugoslavian, English and Welsh decent, so creamy skin, dark hair, almost black coloured eyes (no shit, people has trouble seeing my pupils). Cool toned FTW!
  9. Incredibly wary of new people and very nervous until I'm comfortable with them. to be honest I've told very few people in my everyday life about this blog in case they don't like it.
  10. I've studied "Clothing Construction" and "Multimedia" at TAFE, So I'm not half bad at sewing, and enjoy Photoshopping quite a lot.
  11. Lucky last! One day I hope to have a house with a library (at least one wall full of books!) and a secret passage.
Here are the questions posed to me by the lovely Madam M
1.    Are you a morning person or night person? Night, oh god night, birds chirping to bring in the day make me want to own an air rifle.
2.    Gold, silver or platinum? Platinum, but I'll take what I can get ^_^
3.    What was the worst job you have ever had? I worked as a barista at a commonly known cafe chain, this particular one had a very high staff turnover because the franchisee was an utter stresshead asshole. He would yell at his staff all the time and generally be horrible, I used to get nosebleeds from the stress. I ended up leaving for another franchisee's stores, they were much nicer to work for.
4.    Are you allergic to anything? Bees, cheap metal, elastoplast, plus I have year round hayfever, fun times!
5.    Whats on the menu for dinner tonight? While I'm currently typing, it will be crispy chicken tacos with some friends coming over, by the time this goes live however I'm not sure...
6.    Who in your life inspires you the most? Christ, I haven't thought about that, I don't actually think anyone inspires me that much lol. One of my old school friends has the courage to do whatever she wants in life, regardless of what others think and she doesn't hide anything, I quite admire her.
7.    If you had a million dollars to give away to on person anonymously who would it be?
       I think I'd give it to my boyfriend, so he could share it with me lol.
8.    If you could live for one year in another country, where would you go? Ooooh, I haven't travelled outside of Australia, I would love to live in London, I wouldn't have to learn another language, I would have a snowy christmas, and so much cool stuff comes out of there!
9.    If you had to wear one nail polish color for the rest of you life what would it be? GLITTER! oh god, glitterrrrrrr.
10.  If you could have any type of animal as a pet what would you choose? Aww, I really couldn't pass up my gorgeous kitties!
11. What was the last movie you watched ? James Bond Skyfall, and I fricken loved it.

The Questions I now pose to my selected bloggers

1. What is the one store you couldn't live without and why?
2. What is your earliest memory?
3. What colour nail polish are you wearing right now?
4. Black and white or Bright colours?
5. Favourite way to spend the weekend?
6. Favourite place to spend a holiday?
7. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
8. Any hobbies?
9. The best thing you can cook?
10. Summer or Winter?
11. Autumn leaves or Spring Flowers?

My chosen bloggers, have fun!

In the spirit of things, go and check out eachothers blogs! Thanks again to Madam M too!

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