Saturday, 17 November 2012

Link Love - Web design help

Going to go in a different direction for link love this time around. It's not a topic I'd usually cover but web design is something that helps when you are putting together stuff like blogs, websites and even Twitter and Facebook pages, it's never a bad thing to learn in this technology based society called the internet! So here are four cute resources I thought I'd share. They're user friendly and at least partially free too, nothing to sign up to, just click and go! Just make sure you have a read of the terms and conditions.

1001fonts This is a really good resource to check out for fonts, as they've been created by a bunch of different people, it's worth checking each once you have downloaded them to make sure you can use them for commercial  use.

Call me Victorian You'll find heaps of great clipart shapes and labels for use on this site, great for labelling pictures, creating banners and all sorts of nifty graphics. they all have a nice classic edge to them, with a splash of detail to keep away the boring!

Pugly Pixel Is a Blog style resource site and contains a wealth of knowledge and tools for modern web design, I really like her flag labels and graphics, and that the site caters to not just those who just want the graphic and be off, but also those who want to learn a thing or two with tutorials. She also has a fantastic marketplace,and a very generous commercial use license, this is most definitely my favourite. <3

Subtle Patterns Lastly this is a really extensive textures site, again with a very nice commercial use license. Here you will find stacks of textures and patterns that are easily manipulatable into whatever layouts and colours you like. sometime you just need a little something!

I hope you have found something you like and can use here? Do you have any graphic resource sites that you love? Please reply with a link because I would love to check them out!

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