Monday, 26 March 2012

Marie Claire Up Late Event in Brisbane

Eek! Something else is happening this Thursday, I'm just going to have to go to both!
Marie Claire to me is a magazine that may be considered quite upper class, the clothing is to die for, but the articles have a habit of blowing my mind. I just can't put it down until I've read everything each month.
So when I spotted that they're putting on an "Up Late with Marie Claire and James Street" Event, naturally, I'm there!
The aim of these events is to take the shopping experience to a whole new level with designer appearances ( I read we'll be able to rub shoulders with Edwina Sinclair from emerging  label SootSass & Bide’s Heidi Middleton and Easton Pearson’s Pamela Easton and Lydia Pearson (Who I have found to be incredibly nice ladies when I've met them through my old TAFE Lecturers) and many more will be around for the night. Also Marie Claire Editor Jackie Franks will also be about the event, meeting shoppers and giving advice.
It's really worth heading over as there will be great deals on offer and styling tips from professionals, even if you don't plan on buying, it will be one of the biggest fashion events in Brisbane for the year and it's open to everyone who wants to attend!
It starts after 5:00pm in James Street so head on over after work to check it out.

For more information and to see what deals will be available, check out the James Street Website here.

Source: James Street

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